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Sketchbooks - Rules, Questions, Seasonal Competitions Empty Sketchbooks - Rules, Questions, Seasonal Competitions

Post by loele on Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:04 am

Sketchbooks! What they're about, how they work!

The point of sketchbooks is to track your growth and progress, encourage us to practice more often, and potentially get feedback on our journey. You can post anything in sketchbooks - sketches, doodles, experiments, studies, and even finished work. Digital or traditional, doesn't matter. You can post 3d work, textile work, prints, paintings, master studies - anything!  

A person's sketchbook acts as a timeline of your progress and also as a mini portfolio/profile for the person. You're encouraged to link to your sketchbook in your user profile if you would like to. Try to only post in your own sketchbook if you are posting new work or replying to a message. (In other words, no commenting to "bump" your sketchbook to the top of the forum.) If you post master studies, you must post the original work and artist name next to your study. Only other rule is be respectful of people's work, and keep in mind the point of criticism to always to help people grow not to cut people done, although, it's best not to be overly critical unless someone points out they would like help with something.

Some cool news: soon, we are going to have sketchbook competitions! The point of the competition isn't to be the "best artist" necessarily, because such a category is hard to determine when there are so many ways to be an artist. Instead, the criteria will be to practice and post as much as you can, experiment with new techniques/materials/studies, and show marked improvement over a period of time. Your "technical" skill level isn't as important as how much you try to expand as an artist. The winner will be featured for a while (admin will add the sticky to their board) and will win a mystery prize! The prize will be related to art, probably high quality, name-brand art supplies of some sort! Since we just opened and don't have that many members, the competition will be seasonal - so about every three or four months.

If anyone has questions for admin about sketchbooks or how they work, feel free to ask in this thread!

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