Suggestions thread - what are so ways we can improve this forum?

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Suggestions thread - what are so ways we can improve this forum?

Post by loele on Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:33 am

I know we've just started! But I'd like to see if there are any ways we could do things better.

Obviously, a banner or less plain website (I do want to make sure its plain enough not to distract from the images, though) will help bring people in. I have a banner in the works.

Right the forum activity is really central around sketchbooks and daily challenges. We still have a goal to try skype/discord painting sessions, but until we get more members I'm not sure how to work around the time zones and our schedules and all that. If we did have a painting or streaming session, which days are best for everyone? Weekends are good for me right now but I know a lot of people tend to work during weekends.

What are some things you'd like to see? What ways do you think we could attract members? I'd like to make a more cohesive tumblr post to spread around, but some sort of banner or art for the website would be good to finish first to draw people in.

I was also thinking of eventually starting an oekakiBB for us just for fun, but I'm working around the technicalities first. I might need to find someone more knowledgeable at coding than I am. It may be awhile before I'm even able to get the program to work.

Also - I think the name (The Nervous System) is here to stay, since a lot of people told me they like it better than "art evolve" or any of the other shorter ones we considered.

I've also been considering making a firm rule of 15+. Especially considering that things like anatomy/gesture practice involve nudity and whatnot, that's pretty much unavoidable. NSFW (as in explicit nudity) will still be limited to 18+.  

TL;DR: what are some things you like/don't like about this forum so far? Anything you would like to add or change? How can we attract more members? If we had a specific day for paint-chatting or streaming, what day works for everyone?  

Let me know ✨✨

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Re: Suggestions thread - what are so ways we can improve this forum?

Post by Deerdiadem on Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:50 pm

Hmmm I think that its going well. Maybe if we advertise the community also offers critiques it'll draw more people? Cause that's really helpful for growing too. The challenges are great and once I get access to a scanner I'm going to upload some sketchbook pages.

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